3Haus summer travel dates & a couples shoot in Mexico with Leah & Ian

Boe and I love to travel. Other than our love of photography there is another reason why we are headed down to Mexico for the  winter to shoot destination weddings. It is the chance to immerse our selves in the culture and really experience our new surroundings. We love just wondering through the streets of a city and finding new locations. For this summer we are going to be doing a bit of traveling and we wanted to put it out there for any one who may be in the same places that we set up a shoot.

We will be in the following locations and have availability on the following dates:

Portland, Oregon July 30 – Aug 2

Stettler, AB area September 8 and/or September 28-29

St. Augustine, Florida and area September 12 – 20

We also are willing to travel and love shooting every where. Drop us a line at info@3haus.ca for session details. And don’t forget as of December we will be down in Mexico shooting so if you are planning a wedding and don’t have your photographer or you have chosen to use the resort photographer to save we will not be charging travel fees once we are down there and would love to shoot your wedding. And finally because no post on a photography blog is sufficient with out some photos here is a session we did while down in Mexico this past christmas with Leah & Ian.