Alberta Farm Wedding Photographer| Sarah & Philip

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This blog post is long overdue as Sarah & Philip celebrated their one year anniversary just over a month ago. I am very excited to finally be sharing this stunning country farm wedding in Breton, Alberta. These two are something else in terms of their love for one another. Their wedding celebrated that all. It celebrated their union but also the journey to get there and the  people who were a part of it.  As we were going back and forth the list of people who helped bring the day together grew longer and  the realization just how excited everyone was to see these two get hitched increased.

Some of the highlights of the wedding day from my perspective included the stunning ceremony which was held on Philip’s brother’s land. The ceremony was officiated by his Uncle, who I believe has had the honour to marry most of the 5 kaiser brothers if not all of them. Songs were sang by both family and close friends that added such a personal touch the ceremony and the benches that their guests sat on were all hand built, by trees from this land. The bridge to cross the small creek leading to the ceremony spot was built by Philip himself and was where we chose to do the first look for the couple. It was such a stunning scene. Both the bride and groom gifted each other weapons – this is a typical city girl explaining farm things 🙂 – I believe they were a cross bow and a rifle and both were equally as excited. The reception was held on the Kaiser family farm in the riding arena and made for an epic backdrop of golden hour wheat field glory as the evening passed. The cake and cupcakes for the wedding were done by one of their lovely bridesmaid and tasted just as lovely as they looked.  And we even got to do a session with Sarah’s horse, decked out in a floral wreath by Calyx floral design (who did all the florals) in the wheat field. The dance which took place outside started off with a pretty epic choreographed first dance to Somewhere in the Country by Tebey and finally an honourable mention of the bride riding the mechanical bull.

I have already admitted in past blog posts that I am no wordsmith. I would love to be able to give a wedding day more life through my words however I will have to depend on the images to really tell the story, the joy the love. Simply put, as I must say with all weddings being trusted to capture such a important milestone is always an honour. Happy 1 year Sarah and Philip!


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Other Vendors:

Florist – Calyx Floral Design

Caterers – Bob Ronnie Catering

Mechanical Bull – Mr. Mechanical Bull

Makeup – Valentina Covelli

Hair – Sparrow Beaute

Wedding/Bridesmaid dresses – Cameo and Cufflinks

Videographer – JDraw Media Productions

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