Welcome and thank you for stopping by. We would love to share a bit of our story with you. The who, what wheres and why of our personal journey as a couple and photographers. We met each other while volunteering at Circle Square Ranch, a kids camp just east of Red Deer. We first connected over a love for sarcastic humor and a poker game and then found out we both had an interest in photography. Coincidentally we both owned a Minolta Maxxum 5 film camera, and also coincidentally we both used it to capture our separate backpacking trips across Europe. Our very first date involved Boe patiently sitting through over 3 hours of stories and over 3000 photos from Carly’s trip to Europe. We shot our first wedding together in 2006.

We were married in 2008 and have been photographing Weddings together for 10 years. Our marriage is really important to us, it is a priority to live an abundant love filled life with each other. In all honesty we want to see that for our couples too, living their best life together. Our Portfolio is filled with people in love and we wouldn’t have it any other way.Wedding photography was our first passion and we are blessed to  shoot every wedding together taking pride in the photography and images we create. Our goal is to create beautiful photos that tell your story in a creative and fun way with a balance of timeless imagery and a progressive look so you can cherish your photos forever.

In 2014 we welcomed our daughter Lennon Mattea Lefebvre into the family. Her name means ‘A Dear Gift from God “and that pretty much sums her up, our Instagram account is filled with her (and our amazing clients) if you wanted to see this sweet little girl and what we get up to as a family. Carly stays home with her and runs all the behind the scenes parts of the business. Since having Lennon she has also started pursuing the documentation of Families, Maternity, Birth and Newborns. A true passion was born for these genres after the birth of Lennon and now she wants to share them with you.

A few things about Carly. – She started out assisting Boe on a few weddings but now she is the boss, don’t tell Boe – Carly had a crush on Boe when he was staff at Circle Square Ranch and she was camper. it wasn’t until she was the head cook and could make a mean grilled cheese that he noticed her – She is an old lady at heart who loves to knit and craft and curl up with a good book – Sleeping in, Slow mornings and coffee are her jam oh and Wine – She would love to pack up the family for a year (or two) of travel and adventures around the world – When she has a night off to herself it is usually spent wandering Chapters with a coffee – Destination weddings are her favorite – Although birth photography takes a close second. It is the documentary style of both that get her heart pumping – She is stubborn, which is an awesome trait when she puts her mind to doing something good – She doesn’t aim to capture perfect moments for you but desires to truly capture the real moments – She loves God, her family and her friends and has immense gratitude for things she has been given.
A few things about Boe – Boe is the talker in the relationship, and he promises he will remember the important things – It wasn’t Carly’s cooking that made him take notice of her contrary to Carly’s belief but her cheeky sense of humor and kind heart – He also sees the big picture and is pretty spectacular at taking epic wide shots of you and your loves – He is a certified husband coached child birth(er) and helped deliver Lennon – Carly is pretty proud that the previous fact holds so much value to Boe – The only food he really dislikes are raisins – Sleeping in, Slow mornings and coffee are his jam (just like his wife) – Boe is the best person to share a secret with as he will always forget to share it – He has a passion to see people succeed around him and is constantly building others up – He is a true Edmontonian and loves the Oilers – If he has a night off he will fill it with people he loves – Boe will always try to surprise Carly with special dates however she always seems to discover the plans – He loves God, his family and his friends and has immense gratitude for the things he has been given

If you have made it this far thank you, for us it comes down to a passion for creating art and memories. For doing life together and being passionate about all we do. We view the documentation of our life as a love letter to our children and future generations and we would be honored to be able to create that for you.

We also must mention that other than the photo of Boe all images on this page are courtesy of the amazing Andrea Hanki.