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Below you will find our general pricing and some answers to a few of the more common questions you might have when searching for a Wedding photographer. We meet with all our clients weather over Skype or in person.  To get all the details send us an email or head to the contact page to start chatting about your wedding!

Our full day Wedding Coverage starts at $3500 +GST and includes 2 photographers, your edited images on a USB. All other options are al a carte and can be added to your package depending on your needs for your wedding day. Partial Day coverage, Elopements and Travel are all quoted individually so send us an email.

What would you describe your style as?

In 3 words our photographic style is Authentic, Vibrant and Timeless. We aim to capture you, your relationship and your story. We want to capture your goofy laughter, or see you cuddle in close and even embrace your awkwardness in front of the camera, just be you. Of course we will help along the way, offering subtle suggestions for poses or hand placement but ultimately we want the pictures to capture your relationship at this point and time.

When should we book you for our Wedding?

We take on a limited number of Weddings each summer (8-10 max) so the sooner you get in contact the more likely we will have your date available but we have also booked weddings only a few months out as well. Send us an email to see if we have your date open and lets chat.

What type of Wedding day coverage do you offer?

We offer full and partial day coverage for Weddings. Our full days start at 8 hours and include both Boe and I for shooting. Partial days start at 2 hours and have an option for one photographer. We also have special pricing for elopements. Drop us a line and tell us about your day to get all the details.

Do you travel for Wedding’s?

YES! We love shooting in different locations. A few of the ones we have travelled too include Hautulco Mexico, Peurto Vallarta Mexico, Portland Oregan and Las Vegas are some of the International Travel locations. Vancouver, Kelowna, Cranbrook, Mount Robson in British Columbia. And all through out Alberta like Calgary, Red Deer, Settler, Drumhellar and many many small towns. We quote travel on a case by case so send us an email with your location.

What is your editing philosophy?

We go through each image from your wedding and edit them. Our editing style is vibrant and natural. We want to enhance the natural setting not change it. We do not photoshop or liquify bodies however if there are temporary blemishes or items that are obtrusive in the images we will remove those.

What type of gear do you use?

Both Boe and I shoot with Nikon D800 camera body. We have multiple lens including 35mm, 50, 24-70mm and 70-200mm. We are also set up with off camera flash and a back up system for our gear.


(Family, Maternity, Newborn & Couples)

Our lifestyle sessions include Family, Maternity, Newborn and Couples sessions. Your investment is $575 which includes your session and edited images in an online gallery.

Maternity and Newborn sessions booked together receive a %10 discount off both the sessions. If you would like there are options to purchase additional images from you gallery, albums and prints. Please head to the contact page to find out available dates.

Creative edmonton and alberta lifestyle photographer, maternity, family, newborn and couples photographer | 3Haus Photographics

What does lifestyle session mean?

Lifestyle session is a bit of a buzz word in the photography world so I wanted to clarify what it means to us. It includes Family, Maternity, Newborn and Couples sessions. You could also refer to them as portrait sessions but less formal than your traditional studio portrait session. It is more relaxed. The aim is to document your relationship in an authentic way. This may mean we choose a location that is meaningful to you, or include your grandma’s handmade quilt in the photos or we come to your home and make pancakes for breakfast and have a water fight. Don’t worry we still make time to get those awesome pics of you and your loves looking at the camera but we also want to create art with you in an authentic way.

How long is the session and how many images will I get?

Family, maternity and couples sessions are an 1-2 hours and a lot depends on how your kids are doing, the weather and locations. Newborn sessions are typically 2-3 hours to allow for diaper changes, feeding and settling. In terms of images I typically provide a gallery of 80+ images and then you choose how you would like to receive them with our al a carte options. All pricing information will be sent out when you inquire.

Do you help with picking the location?

We work with you to find the best location. This could be your home, where you met, your favourite family ice cream shop or a beautiful location in the Edmonton river valley. We consult with you and take into consideration your personal style, the time of day we are shooting and how you will display your images to pick a perfect location.

Can we bring our pet?

Of course. I always leave the discretion up to you on that one. Pet’s are part of the family  so we want you to have them in your photos if its important to you we can work out the details.

Do you travel for Lifestyle sessions?

Most of our travel for lifestyle sessions is in and around Alberta (Calgary, Red deer, Settler, Halkirk) however we are up for adventure. I always post our travel dates and if there is somewhere you would like to see us travel too let me know and we can see what we can do.


For Birth Photography your investment is $1500 which includes on call portion of your pregnancy, coverage of your birth from active labour till up to 2 hours post delivery. After you choose from our al a carte options which package you would like to purchase for you images. Availability for birth coverage is limited so please inquire early.

I took the time to compile a few of the more common questions people have when researching Birth Photography. As with our wedding clients I meet with all my birth clients. Birth photography is such an intimate thing I believe it is really important to feel comfortable with me before hand and we will go over everything in more detail.

intimate Edmonton and area birth photographer and storyteller | 3Haus Photographics

What geographical area do you cover for birth photography?

I am located in Edmonton, Alberta Canada and am available to photograph in and around the Edmonton area. St. Albert, Stony Plain, Spruce grove and Sherwood park are all options. If you are a little further out and want a birth photographer still get in touch to see if we can make it work.

Why would we hire a birth photographer?

Well chances are if you are on this page you already have a few of your own reasons to hire a birth photographer and you need a few more to convince yourself. Here are a few of my reasons. It’s beautiful. Birth is unscripted and real. It is the end of and beginning of a journey all in one. It’s also intense. Being able to look back and find new moments of love and connection during your birth can be live giving. I could go on but I think you get the idea.

What does it mean to be on call?

For your birth I am on call. I block out  3 weeks around your due date to ensure I can be at your birth. I am always within 1.5 hours of your birthing location and have my gear on me and ready to go. That being said Birth is unpredictable so I also have policies in place in case I miss your birth. Back up photographers, or a fresh 48. We can chat more about these options in our meeting.

When do I call you for the birth and how long do you stay?

I ask that you keep me in the loop, if your Doctor or Midwife says it looks like it won’t be much longer please send me a text! At the onset of labour, call/text me so that I can prepare!  Birth can be very unpredictable so keeping in touch is key. I aim to arrive when active labour begins ( 5-6 cm dilated or when your contractions have consistently been 4-5 minutes apart) and will stay for up to two hours after your baby is born. I want to capture all those special first moments and bonding between your new babe and family.

What if my birth ends in a c section ?

This is up to you and the regulations of the hospital, some allow birth photographers to photograph during the c section some do not. If I am not allowed in the room or you don’t want me in the room I will capture before and after the procedure so you still have your birth story captured.

How many images will I receive and when?

The number of images you receive depends on how long I am at your birth and how fast things progress. I will provide the number of images that tell your birth story but cannot guarantee a certain number.

Do you offer newborn and maternity photos?

You bet. I love shooting both. When it comes to maternity photos you have the option of in home or a natural light location and they take place ideally 32-36 weeks in your pregnancy (Maternity Portfolio). Newborn photography is a in home lifestyle session 7-16 days following your birth (Newborn Portfolio). I have special packages for both when booked in addition to birth coverage.

Will you post any graphic photos of me on your Blog or social media sites?

The simple answer is no. You have the choice whether to keep the whole gallery private or to allow me to share. In the event that you allow me to share I use a high level of discretion with the images I post and if I am ever unsure I check with you first.

I am also a member of Canadian Birth Photographers

If you have any other questions please head over to the contact page and send a note!